Thursday 3 February 2022


Special Update – February 1, 2022

FOR INFO, SUPERINTENDENTS AND SECRETARY-TREASURERS – COVID-19 Rapid Antigen At-Home Test Kits for Students: As referenced last week, we are providing more detailed information on the phased distribution of rapid antigen at-home tests for symptomatic students. These tests will offer districts and schools an important additional tool to support the continuity of learning of students.


  • Details for school districts/schools on the rollout of this program, including which districts are included in the Phase 1 distribution, can be found in this information document.



  • Additional details on the rollout of at-home rapid antigen tests for students are included in today’s news release.


On a related note, all shipments of rapid test kits for school district and independent school staff will be completed by tomorrow, Wednesday February 2.


Please contact with any questions.

Christina Zacharuk
Deputy Minister


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