Friday 30 June 2017

Dear PRNTA members,
   We want to take a moment to thank you for your hard work this year and wish you a wonderful summer holiday.
   We've had a few amazing things happen this year.  Our Supreme Court of Canada win has been a historic achievement for all BCTF members.  We can be proud we belong to such a great organization!  The PRNTA will soon be the proud owner of an office building.  Michele and I will be spending part of the summer getting it ready for a new beginning in the fall.
   The news from Victoria today will make our summer more interesting and I'm hopeful that funding will be in place for all districts in the fall.  We are cautiously optimistic that we will have all our teaching vacancies filled by Sept.1st but the reality is there are lots of vacancies all over the province ... we’re still hopeful we will have a teacher in front of every class in the fall. 
   Lastly, we all must be vigilant in the fall to ensure our Collective Agreement is upheld in all areas - especially for class size and composition.  We will be working set up effective and functioning School Education Committees in all schools.
Thank you again for your work with students and fellow teachers and know that it is appreciated!
Have a lovely summer,

Michele & Mary :)