September 22, 2020 General Meeting


The name of the association shall be the Peace River North Teachers’ Association hereinafter referred to as the PRNTA. It shall be a local association affiliated with the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, hereinafter referred to as the BCTF according to the terms stated in By-Law 3 (3.1) of the BCTF Constitution and By- Laws.

OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the PRNTA shall be:

  1. a)  To promote the cause of education in the Peace River North School District.

  2. b)  To raise the status of the teaching profession and to promote the welfare of the teachers in the same district.

  3. c)  To organize and administer such activities and funds as will assist in promoting the above objectives.

  4. d)  To represent its members and to regulate relations with their employer through collective bargaining of terms and conditions of employment.

  5. e)  To represent its members on Peace River North School District #60 committees.

  6. f)  To foster greater involvement of members in their professional union.


This society is a member-funded society. It is funded primarily by its members to carry on activities for the benefit of its members. On its liquidation or dissolution, this society may distribute its money and other property to its members.

By-Law #1: Membership

                    a) Active Membership:

                           (i) Teachers who are members of the BCTF and employed by School                                        District #60 (Peace River North);
                           (ii) Such other active members of the BCTF as are assigned by the                                             federation Executive Committee.

          b) Associate Membership
                                  Any person residing in this district admitted as an affiliate member of the                                          BCTF may become an associate member of the Association on application to                                      the executive and payment of the current fee.
                    c) Honorary Membership:

                        Honorary memberships may be granted at any general meeting of the                                    PRNTA, as recognition of outstanding service to the cause of education,                                provided such election is not in conflict with any clause in the BCTF                                    Constitution.

                    d) Associate and Honorary members shall not be eligible to hold executive                                 office, or to vote, or to participate in any manner in matters relating to                                  collective bargaining, but may participate in all other general meetings,                                 inservice activities and social affairs of the PRNTA.

By-Law #2: Executive

          a) The Table Officers of this Association shall consist of the President, Vice-                           President, Secretary and Treasurer.

           b) The PRNTA Executive Committee shall be the Table Officers of this                                    Association, together with:

(i)  the Local Association Representative;  
(ii)  all staff and Teachers Teaching on Call (TTOC) representatives;
(iii)  all chairpersons of standing committees.


By-Law #3: Duties

           a) The President shall:
(i)  be presiding officer of the PRNTA; 
(ii)  be responsible for arranging the agenda for each meeting;
(iii)  be a member, ex-officio, of all committees appointed by the Executive Committee and all elected committees; 
(iv)  have general supervision of all matters and affairs of the PRNTA; 
(v)  ensure that committee reports be given in either written or oral form to the PRNTA at regular intervals; 
(vi)  be an Alternate Local Association Representative and attend all Representative Assemblies during his/her term of office; 
(vii)  attend the BCTF’s Annual General Meeting as a voting delegate; 
(viii) The President is the official spokesperson of and conducts the official correspondence of the PRNTA; 
(ix) The President will have the deciding vote in the event of a tie on any motion at any meeting.

            b) The Vice-President shall:

(i) act in the absence of the President assuming all of his/her duties and prerogatives;
ii)  assist the President with Public Relations;
(iii)  coordinate the orientation and welcoming of new teachers;
(iv)  chair at least one general meeting before May;

(v)  sign all instruments in the name of the PRNTA when authorized by the 


c) The Secretary shall:

(i) prepare and preserve a written record of all meetings of the PRNTA, general or otherwise, and of its Executive Committee, and shall sign all instruments in the name of the PRNTA when authorized by the President; 
(ii)  have a copy of all policies and procedures of the PRNTA which will be kept separate from the minutes of the meetings;
(iii)  keep on file a master copy of the Constitution so that it may be updated regularly in accordance with changes made by the local association. The Constitution shall be circulated to all schools in September.

d) The Treasurer shall:

  1. (i)  have the care and custody of all PRNTA monies;
    (ii)  deposit all monies in such bank as is designated by the Executive, and shall disburse and dispose of the same money at the order of the Executive Committee, and shall, with the Secretary, Vice-President or the President, sign all cheques on behalf of the PRNTA;
    (iii)  keep a proper set of books and shall exhibit an interim report on the state of the account to each general meeting;
    (iv)  present at the Annual General Meeting of the PRNTA, a properly audited report or financial review of its accounts and financial condition, including a detailed report of all receipts and expenditures;
    (v)  seek the advice of the Executive Committee in preparing a budget for the September General Meeting;
    (vi)  present the budget containing a recommendation regarding the amount of the annual fee, to the September General Meeting of the PRNTA for ratification or amendment.

e) The Local Association Representative or Alternate Local Association Representative shall:

  1. (i)  attend all Representative Assembly (RA) Meetings of the BCTF;
    (ii)  at the conclusion of the RA meeting, provide a comprehensive verbal report and a written summary of each RA meeting to the first Executive Meeting which follows and to the next General Meeting;
    (iii)  attend all Executive Meetings.

f) The PRNTA Bargaining/Working and Learning Conditions Chairperson shall:

  1. (i)  chair the PRNTA Bargaining Committee as needed;
    (ii)  head the negotiating team;
    (iii) bargain the terms and conditions of the union contract in consultation with the Negotiating tea, the PRNTA Bargaining Committee and the Local Association;
    (iv) review district data to ensure working and learning conditions are adhered to, as set out in the collective agreement; 
    (v) seek input from the Executive Committee regarding negotiating priorities and direction.

g) The PRNTA Pro-D Committee Chairperson shall:

(i) chair the PRNTA Pro-D Committee;
(ii) attend PRNTA Executive Meetings;
(iii) ensure the PRNTA Pro-D Guidelines are followed. 

 h)  The PRNTA Health and Safety Committee Chairperson shall:

 (i) chair the PRNTA Health and Safety Committee;
 (ii) attend PRNTA Executive Meetings;
 (iii) represent the PRNTA on the Joint Health and Safety Committee of School         District #60.

  i) The PRNTA Social Justice Committee Chairperson shall: 

  (i) chair the PRNTA Social Justice Committee;
  (ii) attend PRNTA Executive Meetings.

By-Law #4: Elections

a) Nominations:

  1. (i)  A nominating committee consisting of two members shall be appointed by the Executive Committee prior to the PRNTA Annual General Meeting;
    (ii)  Nominations will also be received from the floor of the AGM;
    (iii)  The Presidential nominees(s) shall have previous PRNTA Executive experience.

b) The following Executive Committee members shall be elected by secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting of the PRNTA:

President (2 years)
Vice-President (1 year)
Secretary (1 year)
Treasurer (1 year)
Local Association Representative (1 year)
Chairperson of the Social Justice Committee (1 year) 
Indigenous Education (1 year)
Chairperson of Bargaining/Working and Learning Conditions Committee (2 years)
Chairperson of the Professional Development Committee (2 years) 
Chairperson of the Health and Safety Committee (1 year)
TTOC Representative (1 year)
Political Action Contact (1 year)
French Contact (1 year)

c) The Staff Representative shall be elected during the month of June or prior to the first Executive Meeting in September.

d)  Whenever a vacancy occurs in an elected PRNTA Committee, that vacancy shall be filled by election at the next General Meeting for the remainder of that position’s term.

e)  The membership may, by majority vote, dismiss from his/her position within the local association, any elected officer or other representative of the PRNTA. Such action must be preceded by a motion of intent at the previous General Meeting subject to an appeal process. 

f)  A Professional Development Executive Committee of four PRNTA members shall be elected at the AGM. Two of the committee positions shall be elected at each AGM and will serve a two year term.

g)  Delegates to the Annual General Meeting of the BCTF must be elected at a General Meeting of the Association.

h) Should an elected officer or other representative of the PRNTA be absent for two consecutive meetings, that person’s position may become vacant. This vacancy shall be advertised and filled at the next appropriate General Meeting or school staff meeting in the case of a staff representative vacancy.

By-Law #5: Fees

  1. a)  The annual local fee shall be determined by the September General Meeting of the PRNTA. Such fees shall be deducted at the source in ten equal installments.

  2. b)  An additional fee or levy for Extraordinary expenses except for arbitration fees can be set by any General Meeting of the PRNTA. Such fee or levy shall be paid by each active member on or before a date set by the PRNTA General Meeting. Failure to comply shall be followed by the submitting of the name of the member concerned to the BCTF for action under By-Law 4.3 of the BCTF Constitution and By-Laws.

By-Law #6: Borrowing

  1. a)  In order to carry out the objectives of the PRNTA the Executive Committee may, on behalf of and in the name of the PRNTA, raise or secure the payment or repayment of money in the manner they decide.

  2. b)  The Executive Committee may not exercise its borrowing power unless it is assented to by at least two-thirds of the Executive Committee.

  3. c)  The members may, by motion at a General Meeting, restrict the borrowing powers of the Executive Committee, but a restriction imposed expires at the next Annual General Meeting.

By-Law #7: Financial Records

The PRNTA general accounts shall be examined at the end each financial year. A copy of the financial statement to the end of the last fiscal year shall be made available to members at a General Meeting for examination and questions before June 1 of the following year.

The Professional Development accounts shall be examined as of December 31st of each year and copies shall be available to School District #60 and for member examination.

By-Law #8: Meetings

a) The Annual General Meeting of the PRNTA shall be held during the month of May.

b) Following the Annual General Meeting, the current and incoming Executive shall meet jointly in the month of June.

c) Special General Meetings may be called at the discretion of the Executive. Upon written request of 20% of the membership, a Special General Meeting shall be called by the Executive.

d) Members shall be given written notice, via the staff representatives, at least one week in advance of all regular General Meetings. Such notice will include information regarding the agenda. Members shall be given as much notice as is possible for special meetings.

e)  There will be three General Meetings of the PRNTA, held in:

(i) September;
(ii) January;
(iii) May. 
f)  Regular meetings of the PRNTA Executive shall normally be held on the first Tuesday of the month.

By-Law #9: Quorum

Those active members present at any regularly advertised General or Special Meeting shall constitute a quorum. A quorum at an Executive Meeting shall consist of 1/3 of those members who have been elected to the Executive Committee.

By-Law #10: Voting

Voting at all meetings shall be by show of hands, except when a ballot is demanded by three or more members present, or it is prescribed by this constitution. A ballot may also be held at the discretion of the President.

Proxy voting shall not be permitted.

By-Law #11: Amendments to the Constitution

This Constitution may be amended by 75% of the votes cast at a General Meeting, provided that notice of such amendment shall have been submitted in writing at the previous General Meeting.

By-Law #12: Committees

a) The Standing committees shall be:

(i) The Social Justice Committee;
(ii) The Bargaining/Working and Learning Conditions Committee;
(iii) The Professional Development Committee;
(iv) The Health and Safety Committee.

b) The Social Justice Committee

(i) may consist of a representative from each worksite;
(ii) will hold regularly scheduled meetings throughout the school year;
(iii) shall increase awareness of issues such as multi-culturalism, gender equity, children’s rights, poverty, violence, homophobia and other related areas of social responsibility;
(iv) shall carry out within the local, the BCTF policies and procedures for enhancing human rights, and social justice.

c) The Bargaining/Working and Learning Conditions Committee

(i) shall consist of the Bargaining/Working and Learning Conditions Committee Chair and at least five members appointed by the Executive Committee and ratified at a General Meeting
(ii) shall meet as necessary

d) The Professional Development Committee

(i) shall consist of the Professional Development Executive Committee and one representative from each worksite;
(ii) will normally meet once per month.

e) The Health and Safety Committee

(i) shall consist of the Health and Safety Committee Chairperson and one representative from each worksite;
(ii) will hold regular meetings;
(iii) shall monitor and promote within the local, health and safety standards for worksites that meet or exceed The Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

By-Law #13: Rules of Order

The procedure at all meetings shall be governed by the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, when not inconsistent with this Constitution.

By-Law #14: Discipline

The Association has the right to discipline its members subject to its Discipline Policy.

Authority of The Local Executive Committee:

Those PRNTA members who cannot conscientiously take strike action against their employer, who cross picket lines established and/or recognized by the local association, agree to:

(i) sign a statement thereto, at the strike’s beginning, of intent to cross a legally constituted picket line, and;
(ii) forfeit their net wages during the course of any strike action to the Professional Development Committee of the PRNTA.