Thursday, 28 August 2014

Picketing Plan for Friday, August 29th:

We have decided to pull pickets at NPSS and Charlie Lake for tomorrow only. The only sites we will picket tomorrow are the SD Board Office/Learning Services and the 'Central Block' (Ecole Central, DES/The Key, Bert Bowes, Maintenance).  Hudson's Hope staff will be picketing at Hudson's Hope School.

8:00 - 12:00: At the Board Office                         8:00 - 12:00: At 'Central Block'

- Learning Services                                               - Ecole Central
- CM Finch                                                            - Baldonnel
- Upper Pine                                                          - Taylor                                                       
- NPSS                                                                   - Charlie Lake
- ELC                                                                     - Duncan Cran

12:00 - 4:00: At the Board Office                        12:00 - 4:00: At 'Central Block'
- Prespatou                                                            - Bert Bowes
- Buick Creek                                                        - DES
- Clearview                                                            - Dr. Kearney
- Bert Ambrose                                                      - Upper Halfway
- Alwin Holland                                                     - Wonowon
- Robert Ogilvie
Hardship Fund

The Peace River North Teachers’ Association will make available interest-free loans to those members whose financial situation has reached an EMERGENCY level as a result of a recent strike or general hardship.

In order to apply for these funds members must complete the online application. A link to the application will be available on the PRNTA site in September 2014:

Applications will open August 31, 9:00am and close September 3, 10:00pm. Time stamp will not impact decisions.

We anticipate cheques being available by Friday, September 5th.

Each application will be assessed on its own merit.

The maximum amount for a loan based on availability of funds is $1000

The terms of repayment are as follows:
* To be paid back by June 30, 2015
* Or, if leaving the district prior to June 30, 2015, to be paid in full before you leave

Priority for applications will be given in the following order:
* Single parent/ single income parent with dependents living at home
* Teaching couples with dependents living at home
* Other teachers, based on need

We will try to accommodate as many applicants as possible; therefore, your requested amounts may not be fully funded.


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

On behalf of the Peace River North Teachers’ Association, Mary and I would like to thank the community of Fort St. John and area for standing with us during our job action.  We have had such amazing support from parents, students, community members, CUPE  and other unions in our area.  They have been exceptional in their unity. 
Even though Peace River North teachers will not be picketing schools this summer, our job action is not over.  The BCTF will continue to bargain during the summer in hopes of reaching a negotiated Collective Agreement for its members.   We must keep the pressure on by writing Premier Christy Clark, the Minister of Education, Peter Fassbender, and SD 60 School Trustees, to urge them to settle with the teachers. 
Once again, we want to thank you for all your support during this difficult time and want to wish you a safe and relaxing summer.
 ~ Michele Wiebe, PRNTA President
 ~ Mary Tremain, PRNTA Vice-President

Thursday, 26 June 2014

      School’s out for summer!
Lunch and Rally
12:00 at the Legion
10103 - 105th Avenue
Fort St. John
(Across from the School Board Office)

Please have your entire picket group (this includes our CUPE supporters) gather at your picket site from 8:00 to 12:00.
Come to the Legion as soon as your pickets come down for Subway sandwiches, munchies, and socializing!
Picketing will not resume after our rally.

Have a wonderful summer!


Now more than ever is the time to keep up the pressure on trustees to demand they speak out about the urgent need for mediation to reach a fair deal for teachers that brings better support for kids. Many of you have already written and/or phoned with this call to action. Because the BCSTA website only offers email addresses to school district offices, the BCTF now has compiled a list of trustees’ individual emails to make it easier for teachers and supporters to write directly to them. The list is accessible from the home page of the BCTF website under the headline SAY YES TO MEDIATION. The link is:

Michele Wiebe, President
Peace River North Teachers' Association
Fort St. John, BC
Office: 250-785-8881
Cell: 250-262-4205

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

We called around to our local financial institutions about relief for PRNTA and CUPE members.  The general response was that it is best to go into your credit union or bank to set up an appointment to explore the possibilities. 
We are posting a table with a brief description:

 Financial Relief for Teachers/CUPE in SD 60

Student Loans
-arrangements can immediately be made to defer payments for 45 days
- it is possible to apply under a hardship program for other help
- is offering payment deferment for vehicles

250-785-0361 #1, # 3, #0
- you may qualify for a payment deferral  (some conditions include that you live in the house, and it is not a low-rate closed mortgage
- may be available although the conditions are stringent
- make an appointment to apply & to determine if you meet their criteria
- if you meet certain conditions you may qualify to pay only the interest portion
- the local branch has more control over granting
LOC and personal loans
* * many people selected payment protection with their credit cards – you can get Creditor Insurance contact information from the branch
North Peace Savings & Credit Union

- Mortgage payments can be deferred for 2 months
- long-term contract teachers  (members and potential members)may qualify for a LOC or other borrowing
All of our decisions are made locally.   Come in and see us so we can help you through this period of uncertainty.
250-787-0681 #0#1
Lynn (reception)
- if you have held your mortgage for 1 year , 1 month’s payment can be ‘skipped’ (will be added to the end of the mortgage)
- L-O-C is a possibility
- check out for more information
250-262-5150 (voice activation)
- call the branch to make an appointment to defer payments & extend the life of your mortgage
- call the branch to make an appointment to explore possibilities

250-262-5000   #3
call the branch to make an appointment to defer payments & extend the life of your mortgage – maximum of 1 payment if you pay  monthly or 2 payments if you pay bi-weekly 
- call the branch to make an appointment to explore possibilities for financial relief

Andy Nesdoly, Surrey teacher and actor, wrote the script for this video. His director friend helped him film and edit it. It's hilarious and does a great job of explaining how we've ended up where we are. Please check it out.