A Local Specialist Association (LSA) is a group of teachers working together for the promotion and advocacy of professional development in their specialist area. The association provides channels for members to exchange ideas on research, teaching strategies, curriculum development, and other shared interests.

Membership in an LSA is strongly encouraged for teachers in Peace River North as a way of connecting with colleagues and strengthening our profession.

Each LSA sends 2 members to their Provincial Specialist Association (PSA) annual conference as well as providing local Pro-D opportunities.

Information on PSAs can be found on their list of websites at:

LOCAL SPECIALIST ASSOCIATION       Contact            School

NP Teachers of English                                 Donna Bulmer         RO
Educators for Distributed Learning               Christine Mann       The Key

PRN Music Teachers                                     Joe Brooks               Bert Bowes

NP Teacher-Librarians                                   Laurie Petrucci        Grandhaven
NP Technology Association                          Bryan Barranti         Dr. Kearney
Learning Assistance/Special Education        Elaine McEachern    Central  

Social Studies                                                Cayla Brown            Bert Bowes
Early Career Teachers' Association               Alex Adhikary         NPSS
NP Primary Teachers' Association                Carolyn Gray           CM Finch

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