Friday 14 August 2020

PRNTA President's update - August 14, 2020

 August 14, 2020

I have been noticing that teachers from our district have been very vocal about their concerns on FB regarding the announcement the Ministry of Education made on July 29th.  Just so you know, since that announcement the BCTF and PRNTA have been working to ensure schools will be safe for teachers.

Please read the message below that was sent to all members from the BCTF on Aug. 10th.  

I am concerned that teachers are saying that teachers are not part of the return plan but this is not true.  The BCTF have had provincial teacher-leaders on committees working with the government since the beginning of July.  Teri Mooring has been in daily (sometimes more often) contact with the Deputy Minister and Minister Fleming sharing teachers' concerns so that teachers will be safe in their classrooms and schools.  

Dr. Henry said:

"Teachers are working hard to make things safe for September.  These things are happening right now to make things safe."  Dr. Henry is referring to the fact that the BCTF has appointed teachers as advisers to the Ministry of Education and that Teri Mooring, who represents 47,000 teachers, is also working very hard on behalf of teachers. 

Mary and I were in a strategic planning meeting this morning with senior district staff to discuss the SD plan for health and safely procedures as we return to work.  We were able to bring up teachers' concerns we have received so far and will be part of the planning group going forward.  We will be meeting with HR on Tuesday and meeting with the strategic planning group next week as well. 

Here are a couple of things that have been agreed to already with the MoE:

- The BCTF and the BC Principals'/Vice-Principals' Association have been able to get the gov't agree to have a two-day delay in having students in schools.  This is unprecedented and the local feels these two days will give a chance for teachers to have training around the enhancements made to health and safety in schools and information on cohorts/learning groups.

- The district has agreed to have TTOC health and safety orientation.  We are still working on the details with the district for when this training will happen.



If teachers in Peace River North have concerns, they can contact me and I will address them with the district.  

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