Tuesday 3 December 2013

         Know your Local Collective Agreement (CA)

Section G – LEAVES OF ABSENCE (pp 68 – 76)
Section G governs the rules around teacher absence from school.  Leaves include:
Ø  Portability of Sick Leave
Ø  Compassionate Care Leave
Ø  Deferred Salary Leave Plan
Ø  Sick Leave
Ø  Personal Leave
Ø  Workers’ Compensation/Injury on Duty
Ø  Serious Illness
Ø  Leave of Absence for Non-Elective Treatment of Minor Dependents
Ø  Bereavement Leave
Ø  Maternity Leave
Ø  Supplemental Employment Benefits on Maternity Leave
Ø  Paternity Leave
Ø  Parental Leave for Fathers
Ø  Adoption Leave
Ø  Marriage or Attendance at Weddings
Ø  Leave of Absence for Political Purposes
Ø  Jury Duty and Summons to Legal Proceedings
Ø  Early Retirement Incentive Plan
Ø  Educational Leave

FAQs about leaves:
Personal Leave (G.22) – teachers receive 1 personal leave day when they have a bank of 50 sick days, 2 when they have 90 days.  50% of unused leave in a year (minimum .5 of a day) will be carried forward to your bank to a maximum of 10 days.  Remember: a Teacher Request for Leave form must be completed and approved prior to the leave.
Bereavement Leave (G.26) – teachers receive 5 days paid leave on the death of a family member and ½ day to attend a friend or distant family member’s funeral.  Additional unpaid leave may be granted for additional days or for travel. 

Did you know? Language can differ between our Local and Provincial contracts – superior language prevails!  For example, the Provincial CA contains possible provision for an additional 2 days paid leave for travel. Please contact Michele for further information or help regarding leaves!  

Please go to www.prntalocal60.ca for CA information.

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