PRNTA Executive 2016/17 

Elected Executive Positions

President:  Michele Wiebe
Vice-President:  Mary Tremain

Secretary:  Jessica Dmytruk

Treasurer:  Bev McLean & Donna Bulmer

LR-Local Rep:  Brian Barranti

Bargaining & Working and Learning:  Donna Bulmer                

Social Justice:  Alexandra Adhikary

Pro-D Chair:  Jessica Dmytruk

Health and Safety:  Lyle Warbinek & Andrea Comber                      

Aboriginal Ed:  Josie Gauthier

TTOC: Carla Lowther

EFAP:  Myla Sorensen

Scholarship:  Jolene Laychuk

Local Election Contact:  Kelly Snow

School Representatives


Alwin Holland:  Angela Gatt

Baldonnel: Cathy Cooper

Bert Ambrose:  Charleen Barr

Ecole Central:  Lynn St-Louis

Charlie Lake:  Audrey Jones & Danielle Coccola

Clearview:  Racheal Armstrong

CM Finch:  Carolyn Gray

Duncan Cran:  Kari Brody

Hudson's Hope:  Michael Nichols

Prespatou & Buick Creek:  Jessica Dmytruk

Robert Ogilvie:  Donna Bulmer

Taylor:  Lori Wigglesworth                   
Upper Pine:  Mary Stregger
Upper Halfway:  Megan Jesperson

Wonowon: Maggi Hall


Bert Bowes: Ryan Windhorst

Dr. Kearney:  Bryan Barranti

ELC:  Carla Lowther

NPSS:  Rob Dempsey

DES:  Marie Young

The Key: Guy Lahaye

Learning Services:  Toni Thompson